About Sprinkle Farms arable operations

Sprinkle Farms is a modern and diversified agricultural operation headquartered in Lusaka. Our farms are located in the North Western Province of Zambia.

Our farm was established in 2018. Our main farming activities are arable, poultry, livestock & fishing.

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Bags of Maize


Bags of Soya Beans


Tons of Wheat


Bags of stock Feed

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Our approach

Our maize, soya beans and wheat are carefully grown on our farm, and carefully produced in house.

Our strategy ensures all our produce is monitored regularly in our advanced storage facilities.

Our production equipment, processes and distribution, ensures we provide our customers with the finest quality breakfast meal and soya beans on the market.

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Our products are mainly distributed in the Copper-belt and North Western provinces of Zambia. Our well-maintained modern fleet of trucks are able to deliver the products in a timely manner, to ensure maximum freshness for our customers.

We currently have a selection of 50kg and we ensure the utmost is done to maintain the quality of our product, from production to delivery.